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Faith Based Programs

The different faith trips that INTRAPLAN offers will allow all those who wish, Catholics, Christians, Jewish and others, practicing or not, to discover the Holy Land and the European Sanctuaries. Unlike most religious trips, the ones we have created for you take place in private, with your local guide of the faith your tour addresses. With them, you will know the biblical places or the Marian Sanctuaries and you will be able to attend masses if so desired. The Holy places we cover will attract you with its spirituality and you will love to make your own pilgrimage there! We'll provide you, your family or your group with a spiritual experience that you'll never forget!

Select Destinations

For those with more hedonistic purposes we have included programs in select destinations that will bring you something beyond the general visits to the touristic places. The programs we enclose have a "something" special that will make the trip worthwhile. But you're not bound by the choices we make... Our specialists will work with you or you travel agents to build the trip we always wanted to take and will make it considering your budget!


And for the many who prefer the comfort of a cruise liner, with everything - or most of it - included and just made available to them with no planning worries, we offer you a choice of cruise lines and their products. Enjoy a revitalizing and relaxing few days with nothing in your mind but the pleasure on enjoying your deserved vacation!